Online shopping needs a few tools. Here are some suggestions. Choose your payment card to keep it separate from your other finances and give you a better deal. MoneySavingExpert has the current crop of the cards that pay you when you go shopping. Check current prices across a number of retailers with PriceRunner’s round-up or

Social media alternatives

If there is one thing that you can find on the internet it is variety. So why stick with the same video, search and social media choices everyday? Youtube has been showing a greater enthusiasm for removing videos. THis also involved banning Sky New Australia recently. Here are some less filtered alternatives. was founded

Router security

Your humble router with its flashing lights and lifeline of cables is the heart of your network. A computer in its own right, this is the bedrock of your security. It is time to shine a light on this unsung hero. Your router is a specialised computer which has the tasks of being your secure

Getting some privacy online

While online privacy has been a hot topic for many years, actually achieving everyday privacy is surprisingly challenging. Below are some easy to use tools to assist you. First stop is your browser… Brave: a browser designed to protect your privacy… The browser is the program you are using to read this website. As tracking

What to do when files go missing

Things generally go right. It’s simply that when they go wrong it can be painful. And with computers it usually happens just when you need them to go right very badly indeed. So, once the initial shock and enthusiastic language subside, here are some suggestions for how to handle files going wrong in Windows. Let’s

Getting started

With a little preparation, getting going with your new PC can be easy and possibly even fun. Here are some links to help you make your computer comfortably useful. Easy installation is probably the easiest way to install a range of free software. While Ninite has a limited menu of software on offer, ‘limited’

Wireless technology

An Inconvenient Truth Do you go through a day without using a wireless device? From the phone in your pocket to your conveniently wire-free computer, wireless communications have become ubiquitous over the last 20 years. The new powerful 5G technology and Elon Musks’s Starlink satellite network will enable incredible possibilities. However, if the implications of