Fascinating Fractals

Fractals are a weird and intriuging branch of mathematics that have some amazing applications. They are also remarkably beautiful – if I get time I will pop some pictures of them here. Now if you are interested in the practical applications then I have some links to get you started on the medical, biological, astrophysical

Broadband where you need it

What would we do without data networks in the house and office? Like a skein of shining channels, your data network shares out your internet access to all your devices with hardly a murmur of complaint. In fact, the process works so well that it is easy to forget it is there at all. Until

Tablet printing

Printing from your tablet Printing from your tablet is getting easier but still depends on what printer you have. You can check whether your printer is compatible using the links below.  Apple’s Airprint standard is used by iPads and iPhones.  Google’s Cloud Print service is used by Android tablets and phones. iPad / iPhone Android

How to search and find!

Have you ever thrown your hands up in despair of finding the web page that you so tantalisingly remember? The Google behemoth is the dominant search engine in many parts of the world but you may easily have missed its rather impenetrable user manual. While Google searches well, how well do you Google? Here are

Is your computer compatible with Windows 10?

Windows 10 offers some exciting new features but is your computer able to run it?  Before upgrading I encourage you to consult the latest check list for the manufacturer of your computer to confirm that it is compatible.  This will help you to avoid an unpleasant situation in which some aspects of the computer do not work as expected

Have you heard of the Fairphone?

Mobile phones remain remarkable devices whose origins and practical workings are, on the whole, mysterious to most users. A combination of over 30 minerals mined in far-off parts of the world, each phone is expertly woven into the sealed magic box that handles your communication. The curious may have stumbled upon ifixit.com, the online repair

Choose your computer

Welcome to the launch pad for your research into your new computer.  Choosing a new computer can feel challenging so I recommend that you get clear on what you want from your computer by reading through my brief guide to selecting the right type of computer and what should be in the box. Then it is

How to choose a computer (part 1)

Your first step when choosing your computer: what does it look like? I bet you could choose between eating an omelette, salad or sushi. So why is it challenging to choose the right computer? A well-chosen machine should last you for 5 – 7 years. Making a good choice at the beginning will do much to

Does your laptop have legs?

It is surprising how fast your mobile phone, tablet or laptop can move. For hours your devices may stay still on your desk but put them down in a town coffee shop and they can disappear in moments. Crime statistics show that a UK laptop wanders off every minute each day taking with them treasured