Remote monitoring

When your company hands responsibility for monitoring its IT systems to RL Computer Solutions you are freeing up your financial resources for other aspects of your business and your time resources to devote to your company’s goals and not its IT maintenance.  With up to 66% faster problem resolution associated with moving to a remote monitoring solution, this all translates into great choice for your company.

At RL Computer Solutions we use Centrastage to provide our clients with superior IT management more usually associated with blue-chip companies than SMEs.  Centrastage’s platform tools provide us with the tools to support you by proactively monitoring for problems and taking early action to ensure that your systems are well maintained. With remarkable flexibility and real-time access, this is one service that we believe should be in each businesses’ arsenal.

Do you share the common belief that remote monitoring must be eye-wateringly expensive?  We are happy to say that this service is much more affordable than you might suppose.  And thanks to Centrastage’s broad range of tools and integration with your IT systems we can get to the root of many issues rapidly.

While you may have only considered this for your server (and we can’t blame you for wanting this), imagine how empowering it would be to have your own technical department looking after every device on your IT system.  This is exactly what you can have by choosing RL Computer Solutions’ remote monitoring service.  Welcome to the gang!