Social media alternatives

If there is one thing that you can find on the internet it is variety. So why stick with the same video, search and social media choices everyday?

Youtube has been showing a greater enthusiasm for removing videos. THis also involved banning Sky New Australia recently. Here are some less filtered alternatives. was founded by film enthusiasts who wanted to offer high quality video – and it shows across their 19 million pages. is aimed more obviously at contributors excluded from Youtube and seeking a forgiving home for their ideas. Sadly they do insist on turning off your adblocker…

Within the same free-speech vein, takes a different direction that uses fancy distributed technology to create a more robust video service. Great for robustness, possibly less great when seeking relief from spiteful video posting. is the home of the Ted conference series that began in 1984. IT has widened from its initial focus on technology to embrace people something to share from an astonishingly broad range of topics from agriculture to office dancing.

And not to forget that most curious beast, the internet archive, whose intention to backup the public internet has also gathered a huge range of searchable videos often difficult to find elsewhere.

Search engines Google is great but has a similarly great enthusiasm to track your movements on the internet and beyond. You might like to search using a different engine such as Qwant or DuckDuckGo.

Social media is an interestingly tricky subject since the social part suggests joining your friends – which is not going to happen immediately at a new site. Still, here are some increasingly popular options to tread a path away from the big players of Facebook and Twitter. Gab is rather like facebook with a commitment to freedom of speech and all the challenge that this entails. MeWe also has a resemblance to facebook with a ‘milder’ content moderation approach. You might also like to take a look at Minds with its claim to ‘take back control of your social media’ and Parler which particularly rose to fame when Apple decided several times to ban it from their app store.