Software – your alternatives

Our choices are so often rather the same. The same food, the same holidays, the same hair style. When it comes to software, making the same choice may be costing you a pretty penny now that the major software companies are making it more difficult to avoid renting their software rather than buying it permanently.

Getting started

With a little preparation, getting going with your new PC can be easy and possibly even fun. Here are some links to help you make your computer comfortably useful. Easy installation is probably the easiest way to install a range of free software. While Ninite has a limited menu of software on offer, ‘limited’

Is your computer compatible with Windows 10?

Windows 10 offers some exciting new features but is your computer able to run it?  Before upgrading I encourage you to consult the latest check list for the manufacturer of your computer to confirm that it is compatible.  This will help you to avoid an unpleasant situation in which some aspects of the computer do not work as expected

Backup your computer

Making a backup is optional rather like brushing your teeth is optional: only brush and floss the ones you feel like keeping.  Bluntly, if you have anything on your computer that you would like to save from the digital void, make a backup. What is a back-up?  There are two different sorts: a copy of your