Getting started

With a little preparation, getting going with your new PC can be easy and possibly even fun. Here are some links to help you make your computer comfortably useful.

Easy installation is probably the easiest way to install a range of free software. While Ninite has a limited menu of software on offer, ‘limited’ does cover a remarkable range. Simply choose the software that you want, download Ninite’s installer and run. It will take care of the details.

Office software is available from Microsoft for home users in a variety of options. There is also a cheaper permanent license without Microsoft’s Outlook email program. If you prefer to have something free then you might like to try LibreOffice.

Email There are many email programs available. On Macs you can use the built-in Mail program. Turning to Windows, I recommend Em Client as a free and effective solution with a clear layout and well-considered integration.

Antivirus The antivirus package that comes installed on your new PC will usually last for a month. If you choose not to buy it then you will want an alternative. Free antivirus is offered by Bit Defender, Avira, Kaspersky, AVG and Avast. Any of these will look after basic security requirements nicely.