Wireless technology

An Inconvenient Truth

Do you go through a day without using a wireless device? From the phone in your pocket to your conveniently wire-free computer, wireless communications have become ubiquitous over the last 20 years. The new powerful 5G technology and Elon Musks’s Starlink satellite network will enable incredible possibilities. However, if the implications of numerous highly regarded research studies are correct then we may want to reconsider our addiction to wireless communication rather rapidly. Here is why.

Dr Pall is Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University. In his recent article, Dr Pall gathers a substantial body of credible studies whose combined results suggest that wireless technology has an impact on our health. This is seemingly due to wireless technology’s great affinity for a particular messenger ‘gateway’ called voltage-gated calcium channels. These channels are essential because they regulate numerous biological pathways. The effect is to activate these channels when they should be inactive, destabilising our bodies’ equilibrium.

These unfortunately activated pathways are remarkably important. A continued state of misfiring tends to create neurological and hormonal imbalances. According to the research, the results can include loss of memory, fatigue, sleep disorders, lack of concentration and early onset dementia. Combined with inheritable DNA damage and increased rates of cancer incidence, the prognosis is a far from happy picture.

So why did we not hear about this before? It has been hiding in plain sight. Think back… remember the regular headlines we have seen about increased incidence of aggressive brain tumours, loss of libido, falling sperm counts, and children suffering from depression and sleep disorders? Vested interests and an unwillingness to believe that our shiny new toys might have sharp teeth have encouraged us to ignore the contribution of wireless technology to these ills of modern life.

Our wireless safety regulations are antiquated, based on out of date science and an insistence that the biological effect of our phones correspond simply to how much they heat your body. Dr Pall’s collection of studies demonstrate a more nuanced appreciation of the situation. He spends some time dissecting key studies that have, perhaps deliberately, muddied the science in industry-friendly ways. This in turn has allowed regulators to discount the existence of the non-thermal effects described above.

That is the past. What of the future? The research indicates that the effect is cumulative. This means that even on current levels of exposure we can expect to see increasingly prominent ill effects. However, we are not keeping to current levels. We install new wireless devices every day and the new 5G technology promises to be far more powerful and pervasive than current installations. As a result, 5G represents a significant public health hazard.

“I expect we will see [a] crash in human reproduction … as happened in the Magras and Xenos mouse study” Dr M Pall

Perhaps Dr Pall’s evidence is wrong. Yet, the science seems to be leading his way. The future is in your hands. Will you take precautionary action?

You can read Dr Pall’s article here