Getting some privacy online

While online privacy has been a hot topic for many years, actually achieving everyday privacy is surprisingly challenging. Below are some easy to use tools to assist you. First stop is your browser… Brave: a browser designed to protect your privacy… The browser is the program you are using to read this website. As tracking

Wireless: too much of a good thing

Disclaimer RL Computer Solutions Ltd do not have any financial interest in the companies or services mentioned below. Bluntly, we do not get paid by any of the companies listed below. Moving on… While Wifi is incredibly convenient and useful, you may want to reduce it presence for reasons of data security and the potential

Fascinating Fractals

Fractals are a weird and intriuging branch of mathematics that have some amazing applications. They are also remarkably beautiful – if I get time I will pop some pictures of them here. Now if you are interested in the practical applications then I have some links to get you started on the medical, biological, astrophysical

Spring Cleaning Your Computer

Welcome to Spring! Just like cleaning your house and getting the garden ready for spring, your computer needs occasional attention.  Getting your computer into shape is straight forward.  There are four areas and we’ll run through them at a steady pace. Security Getting your computer into shape will give you peace of mind, knowing that the